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Database Administrator


Gelecek Varlık Yönetim A.Ş. is the leading asset management and debt collection company in Turkey, with headquarters in İstanbul. The company aims to achieve sustainable growth and preserve its leadership in the market. As a company operating through collection of non-performing loans via negotiation of settlements or litigation, it focuses on commercial principles, professionalism and independence.



  • 3 years of hands on experience,
  • installing, configuring, and administering RDBMS databases (MSSQL),
  • Strong knowledge of databases fundamentals, database architecture and infrastructure,
  • In-depth understanding of high availability strategies like replication, sharding and failover,
  • Experience in adjusting queries to enhance performance,
  • Experience with Windows service management,
  • Experience developing data management operations,
  • Experience troubleshooting database related problems,
  • Good verbal and written English skills.


Job Description

  • Perform database administration and mitigate potential vulnerabilities on database servers.
  • Manage all database instances including installation, configuration, backup and maintenance.
  • Maintain the overall database integrity and quality via data auditing, system checks, security and code value management.
  • Design and perform scheme changes according to needs of product development teams.
  • Perform all database maintenance and tuning activities to ensure continued availability and performance.
  • Implement best practices that will continuously improve service quality.
  • Diagnose and resolve database performance and access issues.
  • Provide high quality support for developers and customers.

Aday Kriterleri

Tecrübe: En az 3 yıl tecrübeli adaylar
Askerlik Durumu: Yapıldı
Eğitim Seviyesi: Üniversite(Mezun)

Pozisyon Bilgileri

Firma Sektörü: Finans – Ekonomi
Departman: Bilgi Teknolojileri / IT
Çalışma Şekli : Sürekli / Tam zamanlı
Pozisyon Seviyesi: Uzman
Personel Sayısı: 1
Ülke/Şehir: İstanbul(Avr.)(Kağıthane)

İlan Kapanma Tarihi

25 Eylül 2021

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